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 A Little About BK

BK Designworks, founded in 2005 by Karen Berger and Diane Kowalczyk, is built on a wealth of experience in Printing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Desktop Publishing and Multimedia Production. Prior roles at newspapers, print shops, security services, a museum, making sandwiches at a grocery store, laid the ground work. In the process, we learned the true meaning of customer service: Listening. With half the partnership recently moving to Florida, Diane has continued the BK Legacy, and, after 15 years of growth and tech changes (and a hefty nudge by a frozen water pipe mess), on April 1st, 2019, the BK physical location in Canton was retired and the BK business model modified into a virtual one, now operating as a print broker, designer and distributor via a local home office in Avon. Doing so presents new opportunities, such as the flexibility to visit customers, instead of the other way around. Also exciting is the implementation of "Free Local Delivery Days."  BK can take care of all your print, signage and promotional needs, all under one umbrella. High quality materials produced cost-efficiently, with a non cookie-cutter approach. Whether for business or personal, big or small, you will be greeted with professionalism, an easy smile, and a sincere desire to help you make a great impression. You get me, the owner, every time, start to finish.
Diane Barbara Kowalczyk
BK Designworks LLC
P.O. Box 683
Canton, CT 06019
(860) 693-6342